AI Grand Challenges

The following are ideas for AI grand challenges that can only be solved by achieving human-level AI, aesthetics, humor, and storytelling.

Story Generation

Complete the stories in "Mysteries of Harris Burdick" ( Required: AI story generation + machine vision + NLP + computational creativity + (possibly the ability to computationally render new images to accompany the stories).

Improvisational Theatre

Beat Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles at "Who's Line is it Anyway" improv games. Required: improvisational ability + computational creativity + robotics + NLP + machine vision + computational humor + (possibly story generation for some games).

Virtual Characters

An autonomous NPC who, through its decisions, brings players to tears. Aerith, a character from the Final Fantasy series, is famously cited as achieving this (a description of the scene). However, Aerith's death scene was a scripted cut-scene and therefore doesn't count. The criteria for this challenge are: (a) the character must autonomously make decisions with the explicit intention of bringing about an emotional response in human players, and (b) the emotion cannot be fear.


Competitive cross-word puzzle solving. See the following articles from the New York Times on a failed attempt: 1, 2, 3. Required: NLP + cultural knowledge + humor.