Interactive Narrative: An Intelligent Systems Approach

Interactive Narrative: An Intelligent Systems Approach, AI Magazine, vol. 34(1), 2013. Interactive narrative is a form of digital interactive experience in which users create or influence a dramatic storyline through their actions. The goal of an interactive narrative system is to immerse the user in a virtual world such that he or she believes that they are an integral part of an unfolding story and that their actions can signifcantly alter the direction and/or outcome of the story. We review the ways in which artificial intelligence can be brought to bear on the creation of interactive narrative systems... We lay out the landscape of about 20 years of interactive narrative research and explore the successes as well as open research questions pertaining to the novel use of computational narrative intelligence in the pursuit of entertainment, education, and training. (NB: Image of the Holodeck will not appear in the final camera ready version.)