CS 4731 extra credit policy

You may receive extra credit for participating in research experiments and studies. You will receive 2 points on your final course grade per study. You may receive extra credit on a maximum of 2 studies (for a grand total of 4 extra points on your final grade). The following conditions must be met:

  1. The study must be conducted by AI faculty or students.
  2. You must interview the person running the study immediately after your participation is complete to learn the purpose of the study. Specifically, the experimenter is trying to test an AI system or trying to learn more about humans for the purpose of designing an AI system. You want to find this out in as much detail as you can about what the experimenter is trying to achieve, why he or she is researching the topic, and how he or she plans to go about solving the problem.
  3. You must write a 2 page paper, describing:
    • The purpose of the study
    • What problem the experimenter is trying to solve with AI
    • Why the experimenter is interested in the problem
    • What AI techniques the experimenter is using or intends to use.

You do not need to describe the experiment itself unless it is relevant to the purpose or AI techniques. The purpose of this activity is for you to learn more about the AI research being conducted at Georgia Tech. Email your paper to the TA.

Sometimes there will be additional instructions related to a specific experiment. When this happens, the extra instructions will be posted along with the experiment opportunity.

(You may opt to replace one experiment with a 5-page report on the topic of the instructors choosing. The report will involve an analytical report comparing and contrasting several research papers in the field of Game AI. If you choose this option, please email the TA and request a topic for the report.)