WeQuest is a platform for authoring, sharing, and delivering mobile Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) in which geo-location is used to blend real world locations and fictional storyline elements. Thus to play a mobile ARG, one must physically visit locations in the real world. The WeQuest game engine runs on iPhone and includes the ability to interact with virtual characters. WeQuest also contains an end-user authoring tool with which users can create new interactive stories.

Status: alpha


  • iPhone
  • Web server and SQL server

WeQuest Download

Cambot and Machinima Sequencing Tool (MST)

Cambot is prototype application that can direct machinima movies. Given a script of dialogue and a virtual set, it blocks the actors, places the virtual camera and edits the movie together. Machinima Sequencing Tool (MST) is an interface built on Cambot that enables a user to rapidly prototype and produce a machinima movie.

Status: alpha


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Java 1.5 or higher
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (can be obtained through Valve STEAM)

Cambot Download Page

Cambot and MST Manual

For source code, contact Mark Riedl.