Advanced Game AI Schedule

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Updated 9/12/12

Week Date Topic Due Notes
1 8-20
  • Introduction
  • Game AI in a nutshell
  • Class project introduction
  • Lock-and-key systems
2 8-27
  • Game AI in a nutshell (cont'd)
  • Irrational agents
    • Bates, "The role of emotion in believable characters"
  • Irrational agents
    • Loyall, "Believable Agents: Building Interactive Personalities" (chapters 1-3)
    • Gordon & van Lent, "Virtual Humans as Participants vs. Virtual Humans as Actors"
    • Horswill, "Psychopathology, Narrative, and Cognitive Architecture (or: why AI characters should be just as screwed-up as we are)"
3 9-3 Holiday    
  • Behavior planning: Finite state machines, Behavior trees, Hierarchical task networks, Reactive planning languages
4 9-10
  • Exercise: Paper prototype reactive planning virtual characters
  • Behavior planning
    • Blumberg, "Multi-Level Direction of Autonomous Creatures for Real-Time Virtual Environments"
Mark: Multi-level
  • Behavior planning case studies
    • Laird, "It Knows What You’re Going To Do: Adding Anticipation to a Quakebot"
    • Bickmore & Schulman, "A Virtual Laboratory for Studying Long-term Relationships between Humans and Virtual Agents"
    • Rich, Sidner, and Lesh, "Collagen"
  Varun: Quakebot
Woody: Virtual Lab
Brandon: Collagen
5 9-17 Project 1 demos Project 1  
  9-19 Project 1 demos    
6 9-24 Project 2 proposal pitches Project 2 pitches
  • Project 2 proposal pitches continued
  • Emotional agents: OCC, Appraisal theory, PAD
7 10-1
  • Emotional agents
    • Gratch & Marsella, "A Domain-independent framework for modeling emotion"
    • Gebhard, "ALMA – A Layered Model of Affect"
  Mikhail: EMA
Mohini: ALMA
  10-3 Project team meeting time  
8 10-8 Case-based reasoning    
  10-10 TBD    
9 10-15 Fall break    
  • Emotional agents
    • ALMA paper cont'd
    • Paiva et al. "Caring for Agents and Agents that Care: Building Empathic Relations with Synthetic Agents
  • Agent personality: background
Project 2 progress report Mohini: ALMA
Murali: Caring agents
10 10-22
  • Agent personality
    • Rizzo et al. "Goal-Based Personalities and Social Behaviors in Believable Agents"
    • Poznanski and Thagard. "Changing personalities: towards realistic virtual characters"

Jack: Goal-based
Matthew: Changing...

  • Social simulation
    • McCoy et al., "Comme il Faut 2: A fully realized model for socially-oriented gameplay"
    • Pynadath & Marsella, "PsychSim: Modeling Theory of Mind with Decision-Theoretic Agent

Thiagarajan: Commie il Faut
Gangadhar: PsychSim

11 10-29
  • Dialogue generation: Background on rhetorical structure theory
  • Rule based NLG


  • Dialogue generation
    • Mateas and Stern, "Natural Language Understanding in Façade: Surface-text Processing"
  Aditya: Facade
12 11-5 Project 2 demos Project 2  
  11-7 Project 2 demos  
13 11-12 Project 3 proposal pitches Project 3 pitches  
  • Project 3 proposal pitches continued
  • Dialogue generation
    • Leuski, Traum, "NPCEditor: A Tool for Building Question-Answering Characters
  Ameya: NPCEditor
14 11-19
  • Dialogue generation
    • Mairesse, Walker, "Controlling User Perceptions of Linguistic Style: Trainable Generation of Personality Traits"
    • Walker et al. "Perceived or Not Perceived: Film Character Models for Expressive NLG"
  • Human computation
    • Quinn & Bederson, "Human Computation: A Survey and Taxonomy of a Growing Field"

Gaurav: Personage
Sudarsanan: Film char.
Mark: h. comp.

  • Learning from humans
    • Nicolescu & Mataric, "Natural Methods for Robot Task Learning: Instructive Demonstrations, Generalization and Practice"
    • Orkin & Roy, "The Restaurant Game: Learning Social Behavior and Language from Thousands of Players Online"
  Marshall: Robots
Zhang: Restaurant

15 11-26
  • Learning from humans
    • Orkin & Roy, "Understanding Speech in Interactive Narratives with Crowdsourced Data"
    • Li et al., "Automatically Learning to Tell Stories about Social Situations from the Crowd"
  Vignesh: Speech
Alex: Learning stories
  • Learning from humans
    • Tastan & Sukthankar, "Learning Policies for First Person Shooter Games Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
  • Improvisational theatre: background
Project 3 status updates

Suraj: FPS RL
Mark: Impro

16 12-3
  • Improv exercise
  • Improv agents
    • Hayes-Roth et al., "Directed improvisation by computer characters"
    • Magerko, Dohogne, DeLeon, "Employing Fuzzy Concepts for Digital Improvisational Theatre"
  Ivan: Directed Improv
Jeffrey: Fuzzy
  • Improv agents
    • Magerko & O'Neill, "Formal Models of Western Films for Interactive Narrative Technologies"
  • Cultural agents
    • Mascarenhas, Dias, Prada, Paiva, "One for all or one for one? The influence of Cultural Dimensions in Virtual Agents' Behaviour"
  Patrick: Westerns
Afshin: cultural agents
12-14 Final demos @ GVU Cafe, 2nd floor TSRB Project 3 Game jam