Research Awards

The Entertainment Intelligence Lab racks up some Institute awards:

  • Dr. Steve Lee-Urban wins Outstanding Research Scientist in the College of Computing.
  • Undergrads George Johnston and Eric Fruchter both won People's Choice Awards for undergrad research projects. George's work is on crowdsourced natural language clustering. Eric's work is on learning optimal computer game parameters.
  • The Intelligent Narrative Technologies workshop series

    The Intelligent Narrative Technologies workshop series was started in 2007 by Mark Riedl and Brian Magerko as a venue venue for emerging, high-quality research on the role of intelligent systems in creating, understanding, and interactive management of narratives. After five successful iterations, the workshop series is going strong. We look forward to INT 6 in 2013! The list of workshops/symposia and online proceedings follows...

    Interactive Narrative: An Intelligent Systems Approach

    Interactive Narrative: An Intelligent Systems Approach, AI Magazine, vol. 34(1), 2013. Interactive narrative is a form of digital interactive experience in which users create or influence a dramatic storyline through their actions. The goal of an interactive narrative system is to immerse the user in a virtual world such that he or she believes that they are an integral part of an unfolding story and that their actions can signifcantly alter the direction and/or outcome of the story. We review the ways in which artificial intelligence can be brought to bear on the creation of interactive narrative systems...

    AI Grand Challenges involving story and creativity

    I've started a list of AI Grand Challenges that can only be solved by AI systems that can reason about story, creativity, and aesthetics. I'll be adding to the list over time. Most of my AI Grand Challenge ideas are also on twitter @mark_riedl, where I aggregate them on Storify. Feel free to send me your own ideas via email or tweet.